Earth Day 2017

Each year, the AES Middle School celebrates Earth Day in some manner.​ This year we took a full week to celebrate the Earth and ended with a March for Science on campus on Friday, April 21st.

Official Earth Day Theme
This year, the Earth Day Network has partnered with the March for Science (#sciencemarch and #marchforscience)​. The theme for this year’s official event on April 22nd​ was Environmental and Climate Literacy. At AES, that meant building on our strong science curricular foundation, encouraging our students to think about the environmental issues that are important to them, and helping our students find a way to actively be ‘responsible, compassionate global citizens’.

Opening Assembly
The week leading up to Earth Week, the Green Team created a short video to inspire and get the middle school to start thinking about Earth Week.

We then kicked off the week with an opening assembly led by our student Green Team. We had two distinguished guests – Mr. Kamal Meattle, from the Climate Reality Project (check out his great Ted Talk below) and Mr. George Sibley, the Minister-Council for Economic, Environment, Science and Technology Affairs at the US Embassy.

Photos from our opening assembly for Earth Week, led by student Green Team. It also included guests: Mr. Meattle and Mr. Sibley.

Throughout the week, students worked on CREATING something that helped them to advocate about the environment or science. This included posters, digital art, and poetry.

Students and teachers used 3 advisory sessions to CREATE related to their Earth Day topic of choice.

A couple of samples of students creating art that speaks to what they care about related to science/environment.

March for Science
On Friday, the Elementary School and Middle School, along with parents and administrators and some invited guests Marched for Science on our school’s campus to advocate and raise awareness about Environmental Literacy. We used the Official March for Science hashtag — #sciencemarch & #marchforscience and also our own hashtag — AES March for Science — #aessciencemarch It was a great morning, with positive energy and lots of passion for science and the environment!

We even had our own logo, designed by two students: Marin Hirono & Ritvik Kumar

Check out the great photos from our March for Science!

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In the morning, we hosted a tree planting on our campus with several ambassadors from Delhi, and our Green Team Students assisted.

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The following resources were compiled from a number of contributors (primarily thanks to Richard Frazier):

Earth Day: Lesson Plans, Reading Lists and Classroom Ideas from Edutopia

What Exactly Are People Marching For When they March for Science? from the Atlantic

When Someone Tells You “the Climate is Always Changing” Show Them This Cartoon

Free Posters Celebrating Mighty Girls in Science

Half the Earth

23 Reasons to Be Cheerful (Thanks to Science) (5 minutes)

How to Grow Clean Air Ted Talk by Kamal Meattle (4 minutes)

Youth Advocates:
Earth Guardians:

Our Children’s Trust

Youth Activists Score Big Climate Victory in Small Minnesota Town

Vote Green in Delhi Elections

9 year old girl files lawsuit against Indian government

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