The International Educator: Diversity

This year, I changed my topic for my dissertation. I had done quite a bit of work on a review of literature last summer looking into the role of school leaders promoting psychological safety and how it can impact organizational learning in international school settings. However, with the work we are doing at ISK to explore diversity and cultural competency, I thought it might be interesting and timely to shift topics and further explore this new idea for my research. This felt risky and like diving into a totally new area of research, however I knew it would also be interesting and important. While I am passionate about equity and inclusive practices, I had not previously devoted as much time reading in this area. I have spent lots of time looking for ways to nurture acceptance and belonging, to create a positive school climate where everyone feels included, to consider a social justice approach to ensure our students learn about their social responsibility as global citizens….

So this year I started venturing into the work and reading. It started with co-chairing the ad-hoc Diversity Working Group (DWG) at ISK, consisting of parents, students, teachers, admin and board members. In early November, I presented with my director, David Henry, at the GRC recruiting conference in Dubai at the leadership huddle about our work. I then attended the NAIS People of Color Conference in Nashville, Tennessee at the end of November, which was an amazing learning experience! As our work continued, Pamela Pappas (the other co-chair of the DWG committee) and I realized that we wanted to share our learning and our journey. We tried to get published in the April edition of the Educational Leadership magazine, but our work didn’t get accepted. We did, however, get published in The International Educator. Check it out:

Cultivating the Courage to Listen and the Ability to Hear: Systematically exploring diversity at the International School of Kenya through an an ad hoc Diversity Working Group

Proud to Be Me Day: Celebrating Diversity and Identity in the ISK Middle School

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