NASSP Principal of the Year Institute 2019

I had the great honor of being one of two Department of State Office of Overseas Schools principals who was recognized as a Secondary School Principal of the Year. I share that honor with Joelle Basnight, currently the High School Principal at the American International School of Chennai. The two of us were joined by 50 other recognized principals from each state in the USA for a week of professional learning and celebration in Washington DC from September 30 – October 4.

Over the course of the week we were able to network with colleagues, ground in our WHY, reflect on how to advocate for things we believe in, and celebrate the important work we are engaging in.

To start the week, we established our individual and collective WHY. Here is what our whole Principal Institute came up with: Empower students in a safe & equitable community, inspiring hope & belonging through radical love & caring relationships so each student will reach their potential through opportunities and access.

We had a lovely evening on the Monument Moonlight Bus Tour:

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While the 50 state winners went to Capitol Hill to advocate with their senators and congressmen/women, Joelle and I had a wonderful day at the Department of State with Tom Shearer, Mary Russman, Robin Heslip and Bea Cameron. We had a great tour of the 8th floor, and learned all about the history and antiques in this important space. We also met with Assistant Secretary of State for Administration, Carrie Cabelka. She presented us with a lovely certificate and also had lunch with us on the 8th floor. In the afternoon, we visited a newly opened public high school in Arlington that has some cool architecture, creative use of spaces, and also a Eunice Shriver Special Education Center. Check out these great photos of the recognition ceremony and our time with folks from the State Department.

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