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Sex? Sexual Orientation? Gender Identity? Gender Expression? (from Teaching Tolerance)

LGBTQ+ Visibility in the K-12 Curriculum from Kappan


LGBT Youth Resources

Sex and Gender vocabulary 

Welcoming Schools

5 things to do to support your LGBTQ Students


Human Rights Campaign

Lesson Plans for students

It Gets Better Organization

Making Gay History podcast

 National Association of School Psychologists 

It Gets Better Organization

LGBTQ presentation MS presentation from 2019 


Gender Spectrum link

National Association of School Psychologists 

HERE is the NCAA Transgender Handbook – great for sports teams/ PE etc.

Transgender/Gender identity. (video)

Masked – coming out as a teen

(some good pointers – easy reading)

Q and A

Genderbread person

New York Times Article


The Saint of Dry Creek

How to Use Gender Neutral Words
Discussing Gender in the Classroom – Guide
Some Schools Allow Kids to Register with A Gender Option Besides Boy or Girl
Not Male or Female? Germans Can Now Choose ‘Diverse’

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Schools in Transition: A Guide For Supporting Transgender Students in K-12 Schools

How to Use Gender Neutral Words

Pentatonix, Imagine

Halloween Commercial about Gender Nonconformity
Why I Must Come Out, Geena Rocero