Personal Videos

Schmid Lip Dub, Summer 2019

ISK Leadership Team: Praise You 2019

ISK Middle School Holiday Flash Mob 2018

Schmid Lip Dub, Summer 2018

ISK Middle School Holiday Lip Dub 2017

Schmid Lib Dub, Summer 2017

Schmid Lip Dub, Summer 2016

I Got You Babe, Spring 2016

Schmids on Top of the World, 2015

Panagoulis I Put A Spell On You, 2015

January 2016, Faculty Musical Seussical

Jan 2015, Faculty Musical: The Music Man

June 2016, Bring Me Little Water Silvie (AES Faculty Farewell)

May 2015, Lip Sync

Bluer Than You – Alexa, Beth Burrows, Stacy Stephens

Seventh Grade:
AMIS Honor Choir, Madagascar – January 2020

LOVE – Maina Guitar Compilation in the time of COVID – June 2020

Fourth Grade:
Shanti Concert – Singing for Peace – December 1, 2016

Third Grade:
3rd Grade Courage Videos:
Rick Freil (Sophia interviewed him)
Jenny Labaw (Bella interviewed him)
Alexa’s Interview

Character Matters II – Isabella’s class (Mary Miller) – March 2016

Spring Choir Concert – March 2016

New Puppy, October 2015

Shanti Concert – Singing for Peace – December 3, 2015 (3rd grade choir)

Second Grade:
Where I’m From, by Isabella, Grade 2 (May 2015)

Character Matters, Sophia as Cinderella, Grade 2 (May 2015)

Sophie & Bella sing Landslide at ACSA with Skye, March 2015

First Grade:
Ramlila: Grade 1 Laslocky, Spring 2014

Sophia & Isabella 2007

Duval Sled Dogs

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