Personal Videos

Schmid Lip Dub, Summer 2016

PSU Doctor8 Cohort, Summer 2016

I Got You Babe, Spring 2016

Schmids on Top of the World, 2015

Panagoulis I Put A Spell On You, 2015

January 2016, Faculty Musical Seussical

Jan 2015, Faculty Musical: The Music Man

June 2016, Bring Me Little Water Silvie (AES Faculty Farewell)

May 2015, Lip Sync

Bluer Than You – Alexa, Beth Burrows, Stacy Stephens

Fourth Grade:
Shanti Concert – Singing for Peace – December 1, 2016

Third Grade:
3rd Grade Courage Videos:
Rick Freil (Sophia interviewed him)
Jenny Labaw (Bella interviewed him)
Alexa’s Interview

Character Matters II – Isabella’s class (Mary Miller) – March 2016

Spring Choir Concert – March 2016

New Puppy, October 2015

Shanti Concert – Singing for Peace – December 3, 2015 (3rd grade choir)

Second Grade:
Where I’m From, by Isabella, Grade 2 (May 2015)

Character Matters, Sophia as Cinderella, Grade 2 (May 2015)

Sophie & Bella sing Landslide at ACSA with Skye, March 2015

First Grade:
Ramlila: Grade 1 Laslocky, Spring 2014

Sophia & Isabella 2007

Duval Sled Dogs

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