General Education & Other

Hattie’s updated list of factors that influence student achievement

General Education
Steve Jobs, Radical Learner: Create Insanely Great Experiences
Creating Classrooms We Need: 8 Ways Into Inquiry Learning
Diane Ravitch, Schools We Can Envy
The 8 Minutes That Matter Most
7 Things Every Kid Should Master from Boston Globe (different imagining of standardized testing)
10 Great Questions Teachers Ask During Job Interviews
20 Tips for Creating a Safe Learning Environment from Edutopia
Substitutes and Diverse Learners: How to Prepare
Quotes That Can Help Us As Educators
10 Things Every Educator Should Say More Often
The Real Truth About Teachers
Unlearning Everything I Was Taught About Teaching
How A Good Teacher Becomes Great from Teach Thought
11 Habits of an Effective Teacher from Edutopia

After 100 Years of the Same Teaching Model It’s Time to Throw Out the Playbook

Give the kid the pencil

52 of our favorite inspirational quotes for teachers

Education Endowment Foundation: An accessible summary of international evidence on teaching 5-16 year olds

What is the purpose of school?

Students’ Broken Moral Compasses

Want to Get Your Kids Into College? Let Them Play
The Crucial Role of Recess in School
Not All Fun and Games: New Guidelines Urge Schools to Rethink Recess
Longer Recess, Stronger Child Development

Power of Play, Charlie Hoehn

Other Articles
One Percent Education
Tamil Nadu Makes Chess Compulsory in Schools
US Is Urged To Raise Teachers’ Status
Struggle For Smarts
Rethinking Work
Wealth Inequality Cartoon

“If you can both listen to children and accept their answers not as things to just be judged right or wrong but as pieces of information which may reveal what the child is thinking, you will have taken a giant step toward becoming a master teacher rather than merely a disseminator of information.”

Jack Easley, Jr. and Russell E. Zwoyer. “Teaching By Listening–Toward A New Day In Math Classes.”. Contemporary Education (1975)

Purple by Alexis Rotella

In first grade Mrs. Lohr
said my purple teepee
wasn’t realistic enough,
that purple was no color
for a tent,
that purple was a color
for people who died,
that my drawing wasn’t
good enough
to hang with the others.
I walked back to my seat
counting the swish swish swishes
of my baggy corduroy trousers.
With a black crayon
nightfall came
to my purple tent
in the middle
of an afternoon.

In second grade Mr. Barta
said draw anything;
he didn’t care what.
I left my paper blank
and when he came around
to my desk
my heart beat like a tom tom.
He touched my head
with his big hand
and in a soft voice said
the snowfall
how clean
and white
and beautiful.

President Kennedy at Vanderbilt, May 18 1963, “Responsibilities of Education Citizens”

World Without Teachers

Children Learn What They Live


Why we teach image

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