Dress Code

International Schools Dress Code Policy Summary (from PTCnet survey)

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Oregon Now Model Student Dress Code

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Dress Code 2018-19:

Dress code

Students are asked to consider our school’s context as an educational institution in an environment that includes diverse belief systems and cultural practices. Students should always dress appropriately for school, demonstrating respect for themselves and others in accordance with our school’s Mission and Vision. This includes dressing neatly and respectfully. Clothes should be in good condition, and underwear should not be visible at any time. Attire should be respectful of our diverse cultural community. Students are expected to wear appropriate footwear at all times. Clothing and jewelry must not contain statements or insignias of questionable taste (e.g. racist symbols, crude gestures and offensive wording). Clothing or jewelry that advertises, promotes, or contains references to drugs or alcoholic beverages is prohibited.

In supporting our school’s dress code, you are supporting the cultural diversity of our school community.  Thank you for your support and understanding.