Innovation & 21st Century Skills

“When we encourage children to tinker, to tweak and to improve things, we offer them an opportunity to develop self-advocacy, the feeling of being a creator, a producer and not merely a consumer.” -John Rinker

“We don’t need to change everything now, but we do need to start forgetting the assumptions that we have made. The future is more uncertain than ever, but we need to make our kids as balanced, agile and as self-reliant as ever in order to thrive in it.” -John Rinker

21st Century & Innovation
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Maker Mindset
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The Classroom or Library as a MakerSpace

Parts, Purposes and Complexities thinking routine from Harvard’s Project Zero can support thinking in a maker centered classroom.

Create Your Own Elective resources:
The 10 Stages of the Creative Process
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21st Century Videos
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21st Century Enlightenment

Music:The World 7 Billion People!United(Seven Billion Actions)-Playing For Change.

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The Educational Value of a Maker Mindset

Maker Movement & Mindset