Starting the Conversation: High-Quality Discussion Protocols to Prompt Collaborative, Responsive Learning from Usable Knowledge

The Big List of Classroom Discussion Strategies

Getting Started
National School Reform Faculty: Protocols A-Z
Adaptive Schools Toolkit of Strategies and Moves
A Rationale for Protocols
Forming Ground Rules
Appreciative Inquiry: A Protocol to Support Professional Visitation
Uncommon Commonalities
The River of Your Life (The River of Your Life – my blog post team-building exercise from Fran Prolman)


Looking at Student Work
Looking at Students’ Thinking (LAST)
Some Guidelines For Learning From Student Work
ATLAS – Learning From Student Work
Quality Performance Assessment: Calibrating Our Scores
Quality Performance Assessment: Calibration Protocol
ATLAS – Loking At Data

The Final Word 
Four “A’s” Text Protocol
3 As Text Protocol
Jigsaw Description
Text Rendering Experience
Text Rendering
Block Party
Save the Last Word for Me

Visioning & Goal Setting
Future Protocol, aka Back To The Future
What? So What? Now What? 

Hearing All Voices
Silent Chalk Talk
Microlab Guidelines
Microlab Suggestions
Fish Bowl 
World Cafe

Focus Group Protocols
Descriptive Consultancy
Tuning Protocol
Tuning Protocol Guidelines

Deepening Understanding

Pocket Guide to Probing Questions
Questions & Assumptions; A Variation

Team Building / Group Dynamics 

Group Agenda Planning
Group Juggle
N S E W; Compass Points; link 2; link 3

Perspective Taking
Circle of Viewpoints
Step Inside Perceive, Know About, Care About
True for Who
Tug of War

From Mark Church

IMG_2633 IMG_2634


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