Service & Service Learning

AES Definition: “Service learning is an approach to teaching and learning in which students use knowledge and skills gained in the curriculum to take informed action that addresses an authentic need in the community.”

ISK Definition: “Service learning is an approach to teaching and learning that addresses authentic need through active engagement in our local and global communities.”
ISK Service Philosophy:
Service Learning-

  • is linked to the curriculum
  • involves positive and meaningful action
  • engages student voice and choice
  • considers the sustainability of programs and partnerships
  • creates opportunities for participants to be enriched by diverse perspectives
  • nurtures social responsibility and global citizenship
  • is mutually beneficial to participants
  • inspires reflection

A Baker’s Dozen: Guideposts to a Meaningful Service Learning Program by Cathryn Berger Kaye

Embracing Diversity Through Service Learning

New Directions for Teaching & Learning

The Estimated Effects of Service Learning on Students’ Intercultural Effectiveness

The Promotion of Social Justice – Service Learning for Transformative Education

Ideal Community – Ice Cream Game Activity (AES 6th grade advisory activity)

Here is the presentation from our IMPACT time on Wednesday. Thank you for your openness and energy as we dive into these exciting new ideas around service learning. Please take advantage of Amy/Greg as a thinking partner for projects and real-world connections you are hoping to explore and deepen in second semester. A few articles to inspire you….

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