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Baseline reading (articles / videos) to further educate ourselves:

Compilations / Websites / Lists:

Educator Resources:

Parent Resources


Kids and Racial Violence


Supporting Kids of Color

Allyship and Race


Anti-Racist Resources (shared in the time of COVID and all the black murders)

Race related things – I have many, many more book recs but these three are a good place to start: 

They’re Not Too Young To Talk About Race

Hair Love

The Binary Code of Racism – Tracey Benson TED Talk

How to Tell Someone They Sound Racist

Clark Doll Experiments

Mellody Hobson: Color Blind or Color Brave?

The Disturbing History of the Suburbs

A Short Comic Gives the Simplest, Most Perfect Explanation of Privilege I Have Ever Seen

Liberman’s “Eliminating Discrimination in Organizations: The Role of Organizational Strategy for Diversity Management”

A Trip to the Grocery Store: A story about white privilege


Are you racist? ‘No’ isn’t a good enough answer – Marlon James

I am NOT Black, You Are NOT White

When a man asks people to translate a hate message he has received, their response is unforgettable.

What kind of Asian are you?

2016 Spoken Word Poetry, “Islamophobia” by Rudy Francisco, Natasha Hooper, and Amen Ra

Beyond Belief: The Tabletop Illusion