PSU – Doctor of Education

Resources and information related to my coursework and research for my Doctor of Education in Leadership, Learning & Community at Plymouth State University.

Annotated Bibliography

The Not So Secret Guide to Disserting

Summer 2016

Orientation Day for Cohort Wednesday, July 6th 10 AM – 2 PM

Lunch with Faculty Wednesday, July 6th 12 PM – 1 PM

EP 8000 Emerging Perspectives on Learning and Development   Begins Wednesday, July 6th 2 PM (See syllabus)

All Cohort Summer Social Monday, July 11 5 – 7 PM

EP 8010 Program Evaluation:  Theory and Practice   Begins Thursday, July 14 8 AM (See Syllabus)

Summer 2017

EP 8030 Leadership in a Diverse World:  Begins Thursday, July 6                             8 AM (See Syllabus)

EP8020 Ethical Leadership and Advocacy:  Begins Thursday July 13                        8AM (See Syllabus)

Summer 2018

EP8     Quantitative Research Methods:  Begins Thursday July 12                      8AM (See Syllabus)

EP8 Writing the Literature Review:  Begins Thursday July 19                              8AM (See Syllabus)

EP 8820 Externship is registered independently, in any of the terms. Meet with Professor Marcel LeBrun to determine the best term of registration for you.

Summer 2019

EP 8050 :  Begins Thursday July 11                        8AM (See Syllabus)

Your Cohort Externship Presentations  September 2019 TBA

Winter 2019-2020

EP 8070 Dissertation Block I To be arranged with your Dissertation Chair

Registration for Spring Term (work with your chair to be sure to register properly)

Spring 2020

EP 8080 Dissertation Block II (if successfully passed EP 8070) OR

EP 80 Dissertation Research (if EP 8070 was not completed during the winter term)

EdD Research Symposium & Commencement Celebration  May 2020

Summer 2020

EP 8090 Dissertation Block III (if successfully passed EP 8080) and Final Defense of completed Dissertation (see EdD Handbook for required timelines)


Commencement TBA