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Teaching How to Teach: Coaching Tips from a Former Principal
Coaching Teachers: An Important Principal Role
School Leaders: Tips For Coaching Your Super Teachers
Find Your Marigold: The One Essential Rule For New Teachers
What are the ‘Big 4’ in Teaching and Learning Observations?
We have student-led conferences. Why not teacher-led evaluations? from Edutopia (In addition to the idea of the teacher leading the evaluation meetings, I love the idea of 1 peer observation per semester and 1 video lesson for self-evaluating in line with professional goals for growth.)
Talking in the Hallway: 3 Questions Principals Should Be Asking from Edutopia
Feedback That Works from Usable Knowledge
The Most Important Part of Instructional Coaching? Setting a Goal (Radical Learners blog)
Bosses micro-manage. Leaders micro-coach.
7 Ways to Ask Question Like a Coach
Nervous About Providing Feedback? Try These 2 Little Tricks
How to give criticism to an employee from HBR
Never Too Late: Creating a Climate for Adults to Learn New Skills from MindShift
When coaching teachers has curiosity as its primary goal from MindShift
30 Questions from Principal Interviews (plus more)
How do you improve schools? Start by coaching principals, says new study

Why Every Teacher Deserves a Coach

Every Leader Needs to Navigate These Seven Tensions (HBR)

Teacher Evaluation
Teacher Evaluation….Ratings or Learning
5 Ways to Improve Teacher Evaluation Systems
As Expectations of Teachers Change, Administrators Rethink Their Observation Practices

‘I want a job and a life’: How principals find balance in all-consuming work
The Importance of Self Care for Administrators
Make This Easy Mental Shift to Improve Your Productivity
This Time Management Technique Changed My Whole Relationship With Time (pomodoro)

7 Questions Principals Should Ask When Hiring Future-Ready Teachers from MindShift (great questions!)
40 Favorite Interview Questions From Some of the Sharpest Folks We Know

Golden State Warriors co-owner: This job interview question filters out ‘boring’ Ivy League ‘box-checkers’ and finds ‘genius’

If You’re Interviewing Candidates Over Video, You Need To Say This One Sentence At The Start of The Video

Student Centered
How Student Centered is Your Classroom? from Edutopia
Rethinking Data: How To Create a Holistic View of Students
Teacher Spends Two Days As A Student And Is Shocked At What She Learns

What Students Remember Most About Teachers
5 Ways to Continue to Grow as a Teacher
5 Highly Effective Teaching Practices from Edutopia
What Core Skills Do Teachers Need to Be Effective? from MindShift
High Leverage Practices from Teaching Works at University of Michigan

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